Friday, June 16, 2017

Enote From Pastor Andy 6-16-17

June 16, 2017

Thom S. Rainer who is CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources, Church consultant and author of numerous books recently conducted a poll asking church leaders to share excuses they’ve heard from people who choose not to attend church. Some of the responses were common (hypocrites at church, worshipping on the lake or golf course, pastor preaches too long or short, etc.).  However, the following are 15 of the best excuses church leaders shared with him.

1. “We were out of peanut butter.”
2. “I was too drunk, so I went soul winning with my dog, Rambo.”
3. “Both of my girlfriends attend church there.”
4. “The worship leader pulls up his pants too often. It’s distracting.”
5. “My kids take naps during that time.”
6. “Gas prices are too high.”
7. “The pastor is too attractive. When I see him preaching, I have impure thoughts, and I am distracted.”
8. “My wife cooked bacon for breakfast, and our entire family smelled like bacon.”
9. “The pastor stays in the Bible too much.”
10. “I couldn’t get the lid off the peanut butter.”
11. “We got burned out at church and have been taking a break the past seven years.”
12. “The church is too close to drive, and too far to walk.”
13. “I always get hemorrhoids on Sundays.”
14. “Someone called me ‘brother’ instead of using my name.”
15. “I was constipated.”

It is easy to find a reason to not attend worship on Sunday.  Most of these reasons are silly and quite humorous, however, I’m convinced that if we stop and consider who is inviting us to gather for worship our perspective will change.  It is not the pastor who is inviting you to gather on Sunday morning, it is the Lord of Creation, it is God Himself who is inviting you to join Him in His presence.  If we have this perspective then almost every excuse seems silly.  Don’t miss the invitation to gather as the Body of Christ and worship the Living God in His presence.  It is a blessing.

Movie Night – God’s Not Dead
Tonight, the Youth group is meeting at the church at 6:30 for a movie night.  They will be showing God’s Not Dead.

Wednesday Evening Service
On June 21st at 7PM we will have a worship service at the church instead of our home Bible studies. 

General Assembly
June 22-28th in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Every four years, more than 20,000 Nazarenes from around the world gather for General Assembly and Conventions. This global family reunion includes times of worship, service, fellowship, training, and making important decisions that will affect future generations of Nazarenes.  Pastor Andy is a delegate representing the Kansas District so Pastor Eva will be preaching June 25th.  Pray for our church and the decisions that are being made at this assembly.

Kids Camp
Junior Camp—July 24th-July 27th - all boys & girls who have COMPLETED 4th-6th Grade                                               
Primary Camp—July 27th-29th - all boys & girls who have COMPLETED Kindergarten-3rd Grade

The cost is $170 per camper if received by July 2nd, 2017.  If you are interested in attending camp please see Stephanie Heer or Claudia Romero.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Enote From Pastor Andy 5-26-17

May 26, 2017

Dear Eastridge Family,

I invite you to join me in praying for the Coptic Christians of Egypt.  As you may already know by now, a bus of Christians travelling to a church were attacked and at least 28 had been killed. This is the latest in a series of attacks against the minority Christian population in Egypt. 10% of the 90 million citizens of Egypt are Christians.  As Christians Jesus told us that persecution would come but we have also been instructed to pray for those impacted by persecution.  We have seen two large attacks in Egypt and in England this week but persecution of Christians continues on throughout the world even when it does not make the headlines.

Pastor Andy

Promotion Sunday
Our Sunday school Superintendent Stephanie Heer is planning to recognize and promote the students who will be promoted to a new class on Sunday June 4th.

Youth fundraiser this Sunday
The youth are working to finish their fundraising efforts for Senior High camp.  They are close to meeting their needs for this camp which begins June 2nd and ends the 5th.   On Sunday they will be auctioning off desserts in the fellowship hall following the morning worship service.  They will also be making corn on the cob for a free will offering.  All the proceeds will be used to cover the cost of summer camps and other youth related activities.  Since we don’t have money budgeted to the youth department we ask the congregation to help by giving to these fundraisers or direct giving (see teen box in the church entryway).  Eastridge has been extremely generous to our children and youth and I know God will bless our generosity. 

Summer Intern Welcome - May 31st
On Wednesday, May31st at 6:30PM we will have a service at the church and a time to welcome our summer intern Kobe Lovan who will be working with our youth this summer.  Wednesday will be his birthday so we want to surprise him and help him celebrate his birthday as well as give him a warm welcome to Wichita.  Kobe is a ministry student at MNU and served in the traveling group “Puentes” with our very own Olga Vargas.  Kobe will be staying at Ben and Elain Hunter’s home this summer.

Wichita Mission Area Celebration - June 4th
Wichita Mission Area Celebration is next Sunday, June 4 at 6:00pm at Wichita First Church.  This will be a time of fellowship, worship, and celebrating what God has done, and is doing, in our area of ministry. We will hear 3 minute reports from each church and church plant in the Wichita area.  Pastor Eva has been involved in the planning of this meeting and is working on translating some of the service.

Missionary Visit - June 11th
On Sunday, June 11th we will be hosting missionaries Todd and Connie Aebischer who will be sharing during the service.  The Aebischer’s currently serve in the Philippines.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear what God is doing around the world.

World Mission Broadcast (WMB)
WMB takes the gospel to the world through radio, television, and Internet programs.  On the air since 1951, (WMB) reaches even the most remote parts of the world, with words of hope and holiness... and lives are changed.  The cost to support one minute of WMB airtime is $4.00; just $4.00 to air one minute of the gospel somewhere in the world.

Favorite Quotes of the Week
"I have never seen a happy self-centered person.  They do as they like and then they don't like what they do." - E. Stanley Jones

God is looking for people through whom he can do the impossible.  What a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves. - A. W. Tozer

"If we were destined to stay depraved all through the ages because of original sin, Christ would never have come to us." -Dostoevsky

Monday, April 24, 2017

Election Results English/Spanish

Sunday, April 23, 201

Dear Eastridge Family,

I wanted to let you know the results of our annual election of officers and delegates for 2017-2018.  First let me say thanks to everyone who allowed their name to be placed on the ballot.  This was the first year since I have been pastor here at Eastridge that we had the recommended number of people on the ballot (twice the number of people to be elected).  The election was very closely decided therefore the ballots were counted and recounted and finally triple checked for accuracy. 

Again I thank everyone for participating in the election and ask that you join me in prayer for our leaders.  I pray that God will lead His Church here at Eastridge and we will be faithful to go wherever He leads.

Pastor Andy

Here are the results:

Carmen Angulo
Janeth Flores
Lupita Ordonez
Claudia Romero

Tim Bertrand
Miguel Cruz
Nick Heer
Todd Hunter

Stephanie Heer

NMI President
Nelly Bertrand

NYI President
To Be Announced

Delegates to District Assembly
Tim Bertrand
Ben Hunter
Elaine Hunter

Domingo, abril 23, 2017

Querida familia de Eastridge,

Quiero hacerles saber los resultados de nuestra elección de oficiales y delegados anuales para el 2017-2018. Primero les quiero agradecer a cada uno que permitió que sus nombres fueran puestos en la balota. Este es el primer año desde que estoy pastoreando en Eastridge que hemos recomendado el número de personas en la balota (el doble de las personas que serán elegidas). La elección estuvo muy apretada por lo tanto las balotas fueron contadas, recontadas y finalmente revisadas una tercera vez para su veracidad.

Nuevamente agradezco a cada uno por participar en la elección y les pido que se unan a mí en oración por nuestros líderes. Yo oro para que Dios guie Su iglesia aquí en Eastridge y que nosotros seamos fieles a ir donde Él nos guie.

Pastor Andy

Aquí están los resultados:

Carmen Angulo
Janeth Flores
Lupita Ordoñez
Claudia Romero

Tim Bertrand
Miguel Cruz
Nick Heer
Todd Hunter

Superintendete de Escuela Dominical
Stephanie Heer

Presidente MNI
Nelly Bertrand

Presidente JNI
Por ser anunciado

Delegados para Asamblea Distrital
Tim Bertrand
Ben Hunter
Elaine Hunter

Saturday, April 22, 2017

E-Note From Pastor Andy 4-22-17

April 22, 2017

Dear Eastridge Family,

I wanted to send out a little reminder about a couple of items happening tomorrow as well as later in the week.  I look forward to worshipping with you tomorrow.

Youth Fundraiser
This Sunday after the morning worship service the youth group will have a baked goods auction.  The youth are trying to raise money to pay for summer camp.  The money needs to be collected by May 18th for summer camp.  You would be welcome to sponsor a teen to attend camp with a partial or full scholarship.  The cost for camp is $175 for Middle School camp and $235 for Senior High camp.

There is also a sign-up sheet for “Rent-a-teen” if you have some work you would like to hire members of the youth group to help them raise money.

New Members
On Sunday, we will receive several new members who have completed the most recent membership class.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our church contact Pastor Andy or Pastor Eva.

Election of New Officers
This Sunday we will have our annual election.  If you are a member please cast your vote on Sunday morning.

MNU “Puentes”

Special youth service April 28th at 7 PM.  After the service, we will have some pizza then on Saturday morning we will get together for a little more relaxed gathering and weather permitting some soccer.  Make sure to invite your friends.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Enote 4-14-17

April 14, 2017

Just a few items I want to remind you about.

Good Friday Service
Tonight at 7PM we will have a Good Friday service.  Pastor Eva will be sharing the message.

Easter Preparation Work Day – We need your help!
The trustees have scheduled a work day on Saturday, April 15th at 9am.  They will be cleaning out a storage room to make room for additional Sunday school classrooms.

We also have a few thousand plastic eggs that need to be filled with candy.  Stephanie will be working with as many volunteers as we can to finish this job before Sunday.  There will be lunch provided to all those who come out to help.

Easter Offering
The Easter Offering is for the World Evangelism Fund (WEF). Traditionally, WEF is collected through two large offerings each year “the Thanksgiving and Easter offerings.”  The Nazarene Church has always had a strong history of supporting missions through their generous giving through these offerings. 

The law of harvest states that you may not reap when and where you sow—but you will always reap what you sow. As we prepare to give to this offering, remember it will come back to you (Luke 6:38) and the Lord…will bless you in everything Deuteronomy 15:10.

Easter Sunday April 16th
We will start our day with a Breakfast at 9:00 AM – 10:15AM.  Followed by our Easter Service at 10:45 AM and at the conclusion of the Easter worship service we will have the children’s EASTER EGG HUNT for everyone 6th grade and under.

Church Election
On Sunday April, 23rd we will have our annual election of church officers.  Make this a matter of prayer that we might have the leaders God wants for us at this time.  The church manual gives us these directions about our election:

“We direct our local churches to elect as church officers only persons who profess the experience of entire sanctification and whose lives bear public witness to the grace of God that calls us to a holy life; who are in harmony with the doctrines, polity and practices of the Church of the Nazarene; and who support the local church faithfully in attendance and with tithes and offerings.”

Thursday, March 16, 2017

E-Note From Pastor Andy 3-16-17

Friday, March 15, 2017

Dear Eastridge Family,

Of all the word pictures and metaphors used to describe the church, one stands out above the rest: family.  In fact, it is so much of the essence of the church that it cannot even properly be called a metaphor.

Metaphors describe what the church is like or similar to—light, flock, field, building—but family is not metaphorical; it is a literal description of the phenomena we know as church.

The church is not like family; it is family.

God is literally our Father, Jesus is literally our elder brother, and we are literally brothers and sisters in Christ.  Family is the primary way the early church identified themselves.

This can be seen by the fact that the word disciple, so prevalent in the early part of the New Testament, disappears after the book of Acts.  It is replaced by the term brother in the rest of the Bible.

Family dominates the self-understanding of the early church.

If we want to think Biblically we need to change the way we think about the church.  When we say church, too often we don’t think family.  I think we need to understand that we are not simply a part of a church, we are not attending a Bible study; we are establishing a family.  The activities and ministries of the church are family gatherings.

God’s desire is that no one would live as an orphan but rather God has invited us into His family.  What a privilege! 

·         Love Offering

This Sunday we will be saying goodbye to Jorge Ortiz and Sarai Marin.  They just completed the membership class and were accepted in as members at our church board meeting last Sunday.  Jorge has been such a blessing with our worship team we hate to see them go but believe God is leading them to return to Mexico.  We want to encourage them and say thanks for being a part of our church by sharing a love offering with them on Sunday.

We will also say good bye to Dan and Nittaya Henry’s grandchildren Jasmine and Vincent.  Jasmine and Vincent will be returning to Georgia to be reunited with their mother who has been deployed in South Korea.  We will miss them and their smiles.

·         Work Day
The trustees have scheduled a work day on Saturday, April 1st at 9am.  There is a list of jobs that need to be completed from yard work to cleaning.  If you have any questions please contact one of our Trustees: Nick Heer, Dan Henry, Norman Karns, or Enrique Vargas.

·         Easter Offering
The Easter Offering is for the World Evangelism Fund (WEF). Traditionally, WEF is collected through two large offerings each year “the Thanksgiving and Easter offerings.”  The Nazarene Church has always had a strong history of supporting missions through their generous giving through these offerings. 
The law of harvest states that you may not reap when and where you sow—but you will always reap what you sow. As we prepare to give to this offering, remember it will come back to you (Luke 6:38) and the Lord…will bless you in everything Deuteronomy 15:10.

·         Easter Sunday April 16th
We will start our day with a Continental Breakfast at 9:00 AM – 10:15AM.  Followed by our Easter Service at 10:45 AM and at the conclusion of the service we will have the children’s EASTER EGG HUNT.
Each year we have a large number of children come to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt therefore we need people to donate candy or money to buy candy to fill the eggs.  We also will have a signup sheet for the breakfast in the entry way at the church.
The reason we have scheduled these special activities like Easter Egg hunt and Breakfast is to create an opportunity for us to invite unchurch friends and family to expose them to God’s people or to give them a “nudge” towards Jesus.  These activities are not designed to give us something to do.  So even if you do not have children who will be participating in the Easter Egg Hunt you may consider staying around to meet new people and show the love of Jesus to them.  Your first choice may not include having breakfast at the church but if we look at it from the perspective as an opportunity; an opportunity to visit with guest visitors why not come?

·         Favorite Quotes of the Week
“Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good but to make dead people live!” - Ravi Zacharias

"The whole preaching of Jesus Christ and His apostles is concerned with the kingdom of God." - Herman Ridderbos

“Do you spend more time telling God how big your problems are, or telling your problems how big your God is?”  - Jason Meyer

"Without worship, we go about miserable." - A. W. Tozer

"We only learn to behave ourselves in the presence of God." - C. S. Lewis

I am looking forward to worshipping with you on Sunday,

Pastor Andy

E-Note From Pastor Andy 3-16-17 Spanish

Viernes, Marzo 15, 2017

Querida Familia de Eastridge,

 De todas las imagines y metáforas usadas para describir la iglesia, una que sobresale del resto es: la familia. De hecho, es tanto la esencia de la iglesia que ni siquiera se le puede llamar metáfora de una forma apropiada.
La metáfora describe como es la iglesia o a lo que se parece - luz, rebaño, edificio- pero la familia no es metafórica; es una descripción literal del fenómeno que conocemos como iglesia.

Dios es literalmente nuestro padre, Jesús es literalmente nuestro hermano mayor, y nosotros somos literalmente hermanos y hermanas en Cristo. La familia es la manera principal como la iglesia se identificó.

 Esto puede verse por el hecho que la palabra discípulo, que era tan común en el principio del Nuevo Testamento, desaparece después del libro de los Hechos. Y es reemplazada por el termino de hermano en el resto de la biblia.
La familia domina la auto-comprensión en la iglesia primitiva.

 Si nosotros queremos pensar bíblicamente que tenemos que cambiar nuestra manera de pensar sobre la iglesia. Cuando decimos iglesia, no necesariamente pensamos en familia. Yo creo que debemos entender que no somos simplemente parte de la iglesia, no solo asistimos a un estudio bíblico; estamos estableciendo una familia. Las actividades y ministerios de la iglesia son reuniones familiares.

•        Ofrenda de Amor
Este domingo vamos a decir adiós a Jorge Ortiz y Saraí Marín. Ellos acaban de terminar el curso de membresía y fueron aceptados como miembros de nuestra iglesia en la junta directiva del domingo pasado. Jorge ha sido de tanta bendición en nuestro grupo de alabanza. Nos da pesar verlos irse, pero creemos que Dios los está guiando a que regresen a México. Queremos animarlos y darles las gracias por ser parte de nuestra iglesia. lo haremos recogiendo una ofrenda de amor este domingo.

También le diremos adiós a los nietos de Dan y Nittaya Henry. Jasmine y Vincent. ellos regresaran a Georgia para reunirse con su mama que ha sido enviada al Sur de Corea. Los extranaremos a ellos y sus sonrisas.

•        Día de Trabajo
Los ecónomos han programado un día de trabajo el sábado, 1ro de abril a las 9am. Hay una lista de trabajos que se necesitan hacer desde trabajar en el jardín hasta limpiar. Si tiene preguntas puede contactar a uno de los ecónomos: Nick Heer, Dan Henry, Norman Karns, o Enrique Vargas.

•        Ofrenda de Resurrección
La ofrenda de resurrección es para los Fondos de Evangelismo Mundial (FEM). Tradicionalmente, FEM se colecta atraves de dos ofrendas grandes en el año" el día de acción de gracias y la ofrenda de resurrección." La Iglesia del Nazareno siempre ha tenido una fuerte historia de apoyo a las misiones por medio de sus ofrendas generosas. La ley de la cosecha declara que no puedes cosechar cuando y donde siembras- sino que cosecharas lo que sembraste. Mientras nos preparamos para dar esta ofrenda, recordemos que regresará a ti (Lucas 6:38) y que el Señor ...te bendecirá en todo Deuteronomio 15:10

•        Domingo de Pascua Abril 16
Empezaremos este día con un desayuno continental a las 9:00AM - 10:15AM. Seguido por nuestro servicio de resurrección a las 10:45AM y al finalizar el servicio los niños tendrán LA BUSQUEDA DE HUEVOS DE PASCUA. Cada año tenemos un buen grupo de niños que participan en la búsqueda de Huevos de Pascua. por lo tanto, necesitamos que las personas donen caramelos o dinero para comprar los dulces que llenaran los huevos. También tendremos unas hojas para que se apunte y nos diga lo que va a traer para el desayuno. estará en la entrada de la iglesia.

La razón por la que hemos programado estas actividades especiales como la búsqueda de huevos de Pascua y el desayuno. es para crear una oportunidad en la que nosotros podemos invitar nuestras amistades y familias inconversas. para que compartan con gente de Dios o para darles un "empujón" hacia Jesús. Estas actividades no están diseñadas para simplemente darnos algo que hacer. Así es que, aunque no tenga niños que estarán participando en la búsqueda de huevos de Pascua. talvez considere quedarse para conocer nuevas personas y mostrarles el amor de Jesús. Talvez el desayunar en la iglesia no sea su opción número uno. pero si lo vemos de la perspectiva como una oportunidad; una oportunidad de compartir con los visitantes. porque no venir?

•        Citas Favoritas de la semana
"Jesús no vino para hacer la gente mala Buena sino para hacer a los muertos vivos!" -Ravi Zacharias

 “Todas las predicas de Jesucristo y Sus apóstoles es con referencia al reino de Dios.” – Herman Ridderbos

"¿Pasa usted más tiempo diciéndole a Dios que tan grandes son sus problemas, o diciéndole a sus problemas cuán grande es Dios?" - Jason Meyer

"Sin adoración, somos miserables" - A.W. Tozer

"Solamente en la presencia de Dios es que aprendemos a comportarnos." - C.S. Lewis

Tengo ganas de adorar con usted este domingo,

Pastor Andy