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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Enote From Pastor Andy 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dear Eastridge Family,

Living “Under the Influence”

If we are given a choice to be happy or to be sad, the choice is rather easy.  I want to be happy.  I would rather be with people who are happy.   There’s nothing wrong with that. God wants joyous, excited, happy, and uplifted people. The problem lies in how happiness is generated. Some people think they’ll find it in a liquor bottle or in a narcotic.  But neither of those is the Christian’s source of joy.

Ephesians 5:18 says, “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation.”  Paul doesn’t try to prove that drunkenness is incompatible with Christianity, he simply gives the command.  Once a person becomes a Christian, he says goodbye to the life he once lived in drunken debauchery–the party life is to have no place in a believer’s life.

One study I found said nearly 14 million Americans last year were classified as alcohol abusers or alcoholics–that’s about 1 out of every 13 adults.  Millions more regularly engage in binge drinking or heavy drinking and over 50 percent of Americans report that one or more of their close relatives have a drinking problem.

I won’t lecture you on the dangers of alcohol — you’re no doubt painfully aware of the problem.  Drunkenness causes violence, accidents, abuse, and indebtedness, and we pay millions of dollars in tax money to clean up the wreckage.  Insobriety exacts a tremendous toll on our society, both directly and indirectly.

So if Christians are not to be drunk with wine, where do they find joy and happiness?  The answer is in the second half of Ephesians 5:18: “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit” Your thrills, your exhilaration, and your happiness should be the result of being filled with the Holy Spirit, not from being filled with wine.

You might be shocked by the language of that verse.  It sounds like Paul is saying we should be drunk with the Holy Spirit.  In fact, observers of the apostles exuberant behavior at Pentecost mistakenly concluded they had been dipping into the wineskins a little too early in the morning (see Acts 2:1-4, 13-18).  But here’s the idea: Being filled with the Spirit results in behavior marked by joy, boldness, and a lack of inhibition.  Even a mild person can become bold and unafraid when living under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

That sounds like what happens when a person gets drunk, doesn’t it?  But Paul is actually making a contrast, not a comparison, between wine and the Holy Spirit.  Wine controls a person completely and works evil in his heart and life.  The Holy Spirit also controls completely, but He empowers you unto true righteousness.  The Spirit’s influence provides divine fuel for a different, free, uninhibited life lived for God’s glory.

·        Crisis Care Kits
This Sunday all the Crisis Care Kits need to be brought to the church.  If you have not turned in your kit or kits please do so this Sunday.  Thanks!

·        6 Month Giving Statements
On Sunday we distributed the 6 month giving statements.  The purpose of this is to provide a reminder of your tithes and offerings like Faith Promise.  This is an opportunity for you to check your giving.  Have you been faithful with your tithes?  A tithe is the first 10% of our increase that we give to God.  In January we received Faith Promise pledges, so this is a good time to do a check-up on your giving. 

·        Rivera Anniversary Celebration/Blessing Service
This Saturday at 5PM we will have a special service of thanksgiving and blessing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alejandro and Angelica Rivera.

·        District Assembly
Sunday evening the Kansas District Assembly will begin at 6PM at Wichita First Church of the Nazarene.  Monday evening, we will have the ordination service at 6pm.

·        The Big Switch
On Sunday July 22nd and July 29th our Sunday school and Sunday Worship will be trading places.  Our Sunday Worship service will begin at 9:45am and we will have Sunday school starting about 11:15am.  On the first Sunday of the Big Switch we will have a potluck dinner in the Fellowship Hall.

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·        Children’s camp
We have about five children who are planning to attend Kansas District Children’s Camp.  We had some excellent response with our fundraisers but we still need some scholarship money to send these kids to camp.  If you would like to help please mark your offering “Kids Camp” and we will make sure to send these kids to camp.

·        Peru Ministry
We are collecting an offering for the outreach ministry by the Jaén Church of the Nazarene to Las Naranjas, Peru.  Our sister, Lucy Vargas is a part of the church in Jaén that is bringing the gospel to Las Naranjas.  They are giving Bibles to new believers and feeding the children some snacks as they share the gospel.  Please pray for this ministry and for Pastor David Beltrán Gonzalez and the church in Jaén.  If you would like to give so they can purchase Bibles or snacks for the kids mark your offering “Lucy” or “Peru” and we will send the money to them.

·        Children’s Worker Schedule
I first want to thank everyone who has volunteered to help in this valuable ministry with our children.  Secondly, I want to let you know the schedule has been posted on Facebook.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Susie Alvarado, Anna Heer, or Claudia Spechtenhauser.

·        Favorite Quotes of the Week
“A spirituality that does not lead to active ministry becomes an indulgent preoccupation with self, and therefore grieves the Holy Spirit and violates the presence of the indwelling Christ.”  - Maxie Dunham

You don't eat contaminated food nor drink filthy water. So why allow filthy content into you mind? – Rick Warren

Church is not an organization you join; it is a family where you belong. – Nicky Gumbel

"Religion can reform a person’s life, but it can never transform him. Only the Holy Spirit can transform!" -  A.W. Tozer

I am looking forward to Celebrating the Risen Jesus with you on Sunday,

Pastor Andy

I just received word that our LINKS missionary Cosmos Mutowa had to send his son (Daniel) to Johannesburg to a hospital because he is very ill.  Let's join together to pray for his son. 

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