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Friday, January 19, 2018

Enote From Pastor Andy 1-19-18

January 19, 2018

Dear Eastridge Family,

Last Sunday afternoon at our monthly church board meeting I shared some questions that I wanted to bring to each family in our church.  I’m calling these “Shepherding Questions.”  My plan is to ask each person/family to sign-up for a time where one or more of the pastors can visit you in your home and talk about these questions.

The purpose of these questions is not to make you feel bad for falling short in one area or another.  Rather the purpose is to encourage you and your family as you follow Jesus.  This will also provide an opportunity for the pastors to get to know you better and help us to pray more directly for you and your family.

The job of the pastor is to equip you and to guide you as we follow Jesus.  We know Jesus is the Great Shepherd and I am merely one of his under shepherds.  My desire is to be the best under shepherd for Jesus as possible.

Pastor Andy

Here are the questions:
Approved shepherding questions for 2018 shepherding visitation to include the following:
1.       Explain how you and your family use Bible study, prayer, and devotions regularly during the week: As a family?  As an individual?
2.       How would you describe your knowledge and understanding of the Bible? Are there particular areas of the Bible or subjects in which you would like to receive more teaching?
3.       (For husbands)
a.       How do you exercise your role as spiritual head of the household in leading your wife in spiritual matters?
b.       How do you exercise your role in teaching and leading your children?
3.       (For wives)
a.       How do you support your husband in his role as spiritual head of the household? 
b.       Are there any problems that you would like to mention?
c.       How do you exercise your role as a godly women of the Bible in your family as a wife and mother?
4.       How do you spend the Lord's Day?  Do you spend time preparing for it?
5.       Are you seeking to resolve any offense (that love does not cover) with any particular individual?
6.       How are you doing in your stewardship of the Lord gifts with your time and finances (tithing, offerings, debts,)?

Follow-up or Second visit
7.       How are you making disciples?
8.       Do you spend time in prayer for your church?
9.       What ministry role can you fulfill in welcoming visitors who attend the church?
10.     What type of small group/Sunday school class would you be challenged to be involved in?
11.      What talents or gifts do you feel you have been given so you can serve God- church, community?
12.     Are there ways that one of the pastors can assist your family in your spiritual life?  Are there any other matters you would like to discuss with a pastor?

Preguntas pastorales aprobadas para el 2018. Las visitas pastorales incluyen lo siguiente:

1.       Explique como usted y du familia hacen sus estudios de la Biblia, oración, y devocionales regularmente durante la semana: ¿Como familia?  ¿E individual?
2.       ¿Como describiría su conocimiento y entendimiento de la Biblia? ¿Hay algunas áreas o un algo en particular que le gustaría recibir más estudio?
3.       (para esposos)
a)       ¿Como ejercita usted su papel como cabeza espiritual de su casa guiando a su esposa en aspectos espirituales?
b)      ¿Como ejercita su papel en enseñanza y guianza a sus hijos?
3-      (para esposas)
a)       Como apoya a su esposo en su papel como cabeza espiritual de la casa>
b)      ¿Hay algún problema que le gustaría mencionar?
c)       ¿Como ejercita su papel como mujer de Dios de la Biblia en su familia como esposa y como madre?
4-      ¿Como usa el Dia de Dios? ¿Usted invierte tiempo preparándose para este día? 
5-      ¿Está procurando resolver cualquier ofensa (que el amor no cubre) con algún individuo en particular?
6-      ¿Como está haciendo en su mayordomía con los regalos que Dios le da- tiempo y finanzas (diezmo, ofrenda, deudas, etc.)?

7-      ¿Como usted está haciendo discípulos?
8-      ¿Usted invierte tiempo orando por su iglesia?
9-      ¿Qué papel en el ministerio usted puede hacer para recibir bien a los  visitantes que atienden a la iglesia?
10-     Qué tipo de pequeño grupo o clase/Escuela Dominical seria un reto para usted estar envuelto?
11-     ¿Qué talentos o dones usted siente que ha recibido para que le sirva a Dios, iglesia, y la comunidad?
12-     ¿Hay alguna manera que los pastores le podamos asistir a su familia en su vida espiritual? ¿Hay alguna otra situación que a usted le gustaría compartir con un pastor?

·         Sunday Evening Service
This Sunday evening, January 21st we will have a State of the Church message followed by a time of Q & A for the pastors.  You can ask any pastor any question.

·         Faith Promise
This Sunday morning, we will collect our Faith Promise commitment cards.  Faith Promise is giving by trusting in God’s covenants with us.  Faith promise commitments (not pledges) are given systematically for global mission, rather than merely twice a year.  Easter and Thanksgiving offerings are included in this giving plan.  For faith promise, people pray about the amount they should give for global mission (beyond their tithe). They give weekly, biweekly, monthly, or a one-time gift.

 Faith promise giving goals should be projected exclusively for mission purposes around the world, on the district, and through the local church.  Churches discover that they raise or exceed their mission goal through faith promise giving.

·         Women’s Fellowship
Saturday January 27th, at 10:30 am the women of the church are invited to gather for a brunch as they discuss plans for the women’s’ ministry.  There will be a sign-up sheet this Sunday for the brunch.

·         Haiti Mission Trip Ashley and Olga
On Sunday January 28th we will receive a special offering for Ashley Heer and Olga Vargas as they prepare to go to Haiti for a short-term mission trip over their spring break.

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