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Thursday, November 30, 2017

E-Note From Pastor Andy 11-30-17

November 30, 2017

Dear Eastridge Church Family,

It has been a while since I sent out my last enote.  I do want to take a moment to thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to take a Sabbatical.  I also want to thank Pastor Eva and all of you who helped keep things functioning well here at the church in my absence.

This is a busy time of the year for all of us, for some we have nightly parties, concerts and ball games.  For others we are just busy trying to get everything accomplished before the holidays.  My reminder to you as well as to myself is to follow Jesus’ example of leaving the busy to spend time with God the Father.

Sometimes our busyness results from our insecurity.  We know things are not right between God and us, so we keep ourselves busy in order to avoid honest self-examination.  I read a quote from Robert Solomon who said, “We are uncomfortable with silence because silence forces us to face God.”

I pray this holiday season you will take regular time to spend with your heavenly Father each day as well as on the Lord’s Day each Sunday.  My prayer continues to be for Eastridge Church to be a church passionate about prayer and have a sense of urgency for the lost.  This will require us to break free from our busyness.

·         Student Ministries Coordinator
A couple weeks ago we welcomed Rick Dages to Eastridge as our Student Ministries Coordinator.  Rick has been the youth leader at the Newton Church of the Nazarene for 27 years.  He currently serves as the Kansas District NYI President.  I feel very fortunate that God has led Rick and his family to join us in our ministry here at Eastridge.

I want to ask you to lift up Rick and his family up in prayer as they make this transition to a new church family.  Pray that God will give him wisdom to help provide some leadership to our youth ministry.  Pray for their family health as they have been fighting some illness the past couple of weeks.

·         Men’s Meeting
Tomorrow evening at 6:30pm the men will be meeting at the Fellowship Hall.  All the men are invited.

·         Work Day
This Saturday after the 10am prayer service the trustees are having a work day at the church.  Everyone is invited to come and help get the facility ready to host guest during the Christmas season.

·         Special Offering for Guatemala Mission trip
On Sunday December 3rd we will have a special offering for Anna Heer’s mission trip to Guatemala.  She is also collecting items such as band aids, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, kids clothing, stuffed animals, etc.

·         Church Holiday Dinner Dec. 17th
Following the morning worship service we will have an all church holiday dinner in the Fellowship Hall.  We have sign-up sheets to bring food to share at the dinner.

·         New Year’s Eve Prayer Vigil

Plans are being made for a special time of fellowship and prayer here at the church on New Year’s Eve.  

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