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Thursday, January 19, 2017

E-Note From Pastor Eva 1-19-17

January 19, 2017

Dear Eastridge Family,

It seems like was yesterday that we were ending 2016 and celebrating the first day of 2017, but nevertheless, the truth is that we are eleven days away from the finish January.  Perfect time to make a pause and reflect on the resolutions that we had made for the New Year.  Even though I don’t know your resolutions, my hope is that after the advice that I gave you on January first, you had made the resolution of taking care of your spiritual and physical health.  Why?  Because, we learned that is God’s will that we take care of our body, since we are temple of the Holy Spirit.  Also, He made us body, soul and spirit.

Today, I need to share that when the scripture says that we are “temple of the Holy Spirit”, the word temple in Hebrew is “bayith” that means “house”.  This will help us to understand better that God in His incomparable love had chosen us to be His house where His Holy Spirit permanently and forever lives in us.  Praise our Lord for this undeserved privileged!   And, since the Holy Spirit lives within me, this means that I am carrier and ambassador of God here on Earth, in my family, job, school, neighbor and everywhere.   Here the responsibility of being diligent administrators of our body, soul and spirit.  Beside, this is an indispensable key to reach each person that is on our OIKOS’s list.  Because to invest, inform and invite in our OIKOS, is essential to have discipline in our spiritual exercises- pray, fast, study the bible, listening to God- at the same time that we take care of our physical health- eat healthy, drink a lot of water, and exercise at least three days a week-.

While the statistics shown that the New Year’s resolution disappeared by the end of January, due to lack of interest, lack of courage or lack of effort.  However, in the name of Jesus our Savior, I remind you that as children of God, the scripture says that “I can do all things in Jesus Christ” (Phil, 4:13).  Therefore, keep going, don’t stop, lets join our hands together with God’s hand by faith in Christ striving and persisting on the spiritual and physical discipline that leads us to holiness and accomplish the Great Commission of Christ.

Pastor Eva

Missionaries This Sunday
Sunday morning we will have as our special guest two Nazarene missionaries Danilo and Emily Aguilar who are serving in Sao Miguel, Azores as the Senior pastors of the Ponta Delgada Church of the Nazarene.  Emily was born in Guatemala where her parents served as Nazarene missionaries.  Danilo and Emily will be sharing with us in Spanish.

Church Dinner
On Sunday following the worship service with our missionaries we will have a church dinner.  Our missionary president Todd Hunter suggested we have an international dinner with international food since we will have our missionaries with us Sunday.  We are asking everyone to bring a main dish along with a side or dessert to share with your family and any guest we may have.

Membership Class
It is not too late to join the class.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Eastridge Church of the Nazarene or if you would just like to learn more about our church and see what we believe.  Pastor Eva is teaching the class in Spanish and Todd Hunter is helping with English.

District Superintendent will be speaking on February 5th

On Sunday morning February 5th our District Superintendent Jim Bond will be preaching in our worship service.  Later that afternoon he will be conducting a pastoral review with the church board.  This is a time where the church board will review and evaluate the pastor and determine if a change of pastor is recommended.

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