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Thursday, April 17, 2014

E-Note From Pastor Andy 4-17-14

April 17, 2014

Dear Eastridge Family,

I was reading this morning a story about a young child named Philip who was afflicted with Down ’s syndrome.  Philip went through life not completely accepted by other children because he was different. This was even true when Philip attended Sunday school.

One day his Sunday school teacher brought a number of empty pantyhose containers which were in the shape of a large plastic egg.  The teacher gave each one of the students one of the empty egg shaped containers and took the class outside.  The teacher asked the students to find a symbol of new life and put it in the empty egg shaped pantyhose container.

As the students gathered back into the class room, the eggs filled with their secrets of new life were mixed up and then one by one opened by the teacher.  The children were delighted as each one opened and revealed its secret contents to illustrate new life.  A flower.  A butterfly.  Then the teacher opened one that was completely empty---nothing was in it.  The children expressed disappointment, but Philip tugged on the teacher’s shirt saying, “It’s mine!”

The children reacted with childish put-down: “You don’t ever do things right, Philip---there’s nothing in there!”

Philip defended himself: “I did so.  I did it right.  It’s empty---the tomb is empty!”

A long silence of insight followed---and suddenly Philip was a part of that group for sure.

That summer Philip died.  His funeral was held at church.  The children in his Sunday school class with their teacher marched up to the altar bringing not flowers, but an empty egg shaped pantyhose container.  Philip had taught them a message: “Jesus has defeated death.  He is not in the tomb.  He is risen!”

Church Election
Thanks to everyone who was willing to serve our church in these positions and who allowed their name to be on the ballot.  Here are the results of our election:
Church Board
Stewards – Carmen Angulo, Faith Shimko and Lucila Vargas
Trustees – Dan Henry, Todd Hunter and Norman Karns
Sunday School Superintendent – Riley Carswell
NMI President – Muriel Murray
NYI President – Ashley Heer
Delegates to District Assembly – Harvey Foster, Clara Jo Hinshaw, Ben Hunter

Youth Group Car Wash
Starting at 11am and ending at 1pm our church youth group will have a car wash at the church.  They are trying to raise money for summer camp.  Come out and support our youth group.

Easter Service
The service times will be the same this year as they were last year. 
Breakfast at 9:15 AM – 9:45AM. 
Easter Worship Service at 10:00 AM.  Following the morning worship celebration we will have the EASTER EGG HUNT for all the children age 0-6th grade.

Easter Egg Hunt Preparation
We will meet at 1:00 PM on Saturday at the church to fill Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Everyone is welcome to come and help us get ready for Sunday.

Easter Offering
The Easter Offering is for the World Evangelism Fund (WEF). Traditionally, WEF is collected through two large offerings each year “The Thanksgiving and Easter offerings.”  The Nazarene Church has always had a strong history of supporting missions through their generous giving through these offerings. 

The law of harvest states that you may not reap when and where you sow—but you will always reap what you sow. As we prepare to give to this offering, remember it will come back to you (Luke 6:38) and the Lord…will bless you in everything Deuteronomy 15:10.

Prayer Request
This weekend, more than 75 Christians were attacked and killed while gathering together for Palm Sunday in Nigeria.  Just a few weeks ago, Mary Sameh George, a 25-year-old Egyptian Christian, was brutally murdered for wearing a cross around her neck.  She was pulled onto the street, and stabbed multiple times by a group of Islamic extremists. 

While many of us view Easter as a time of celebration, persecuted Christians around the world are in danger of losing their lives.  Major Christian holidays are when persecuted Christians face some of the most brutal and violent attacks.  Let’s not forget to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who face real persecution each day especially during this important holiday.

I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday,

Pastor Andy

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