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Saturday, October 5, 2013

E-Note from Pastor Andy 10-5-13

October 3, 2013

Dear Eastridge Family,

One of my all-time favorite C. S. Lewis quotes is found in a sermon he gave called “The Weight of Glory.”  He preached this sermon in 1942.  The Englishman C. S. Lewis is an intellectual and sometimes a bit difficult to understand but well worth the work to do so.

It may be possible for each to think too much of his own potential glory hereafter; it is hardly possible for him to think too often or too deeply about that of his neighbour. The load, or weight, or burden of my neighbour’s glory should be laid on my back, a load so heavy that only humility can carry it, and the backs of the proud will be broken.

It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you can talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship, or else a horror and a corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare.
All day long we are, in some degree, helping each other to one or other of these destinations. It is in the light of these overwhelming possibilities, it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics.

There are no ordinary people. You have never met a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilisations—these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit—immortal horrors or everlasting splendours.

Our charity must be real and costly love, with deep feeling for the sins in spite of which we love the sinner---no mere tolerance or indulgence which parodies love as flippancy parodies merriment.

Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses.

“There are no ordinary people.”  Everyone you meet, every one you work with, go to school with, live next door to is a person created to live with God for all of eternity.  Unfortunately some refuse to submit to God and will spend eternity separated from God in a place called hell.

Let us spend our days with this understanding before us.  Let us make the most of every opportunity to point people to Jesus.  Every word we speak and every action we take may they all glorify God and “nudge” people a little closer to Jesus.

I pray that our 40 Days Campaign will give you an opportunity to do just that, point people to Jesus and to “nudge” them a little closer.  All of eternity is at stake.

·         Saturday Morning Prayer Service
Each Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. here at the church Pastor Daniel will lead our prayer service.  Everyone is invited to attend.

·         Purpose Driven Life Campaign
I am excited about a spiritual growth Campaign we are planning to do soon, called 40 Days of Purpose.  This Campaign is designed to answer life’s most important question: “What on earth am I here for?” I am excited as I consider our entire congregation living in alignment with God’s purposes for their lives, and the impact this could have on our church and our community! The 40 Days of Purpose Campaign will run for six weeks.

This Sunday we will be asking for commitment from people to come together for this church campaign.  We will ask for individual commitment to the campaign; we are looking for “Host Homes” that will host a small group study during the 40 Days; we are looking for 6 small group leaders, 3 to lead in English and 3 to lead in Spanish; and finally we are going to order the books and need to know how many to purchase.  If you have invited a co-worker or a neighbor to join you for the 40 Days Campaign let us know how many books you plan to need so we can get the order as soon as possible.

·         Missionary Books
Our Missionary President Muriel Murray has the missionary reading books.  If you would like to learn about what is going on in Nazarene Missions check out one of these books.  We also have the books on CD so you can listen as you drive if you would prefer to listen instead of reading.

·         Children’s Christmas Program
It is hard to believe but Stephanie has already started working with the children on the Christmas program.  They will need help with costumes, back drops and cookies for the day of the program which has yet to be determined.  If you are interested in helping please contact Stephanie Heer.

·         Board Meeting
Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm we will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

·         Church Website
We recently added a page on our church website to include the Sunday morning sermons.  Some of you have to work on Sunday morning or maybe you have been helping with the children on Sunday morning and missed the sermon.  This will give you an opportunity to go back and listen to the message.

Sunday morning I plan to preach from Haggai chapter 1, where the prophet ask the people of God to “Consider their ways.”  You may want to look that chapter over before Sunday and see if God will speak to you through His living Word.  I’m looking forward to worshiping with you Sunday. 

Pastor Andy

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